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What I do

I know brands inside and out – the focus required, the unique product offering, the people, and most of all the stories to be told to enable the brand to really stand out, just like the colour Verdant.


My personal approach, creativity and visionary experience puts me in an excellent position to help strategically develop brands, ensuring the brand connects with inter-generational customer base across an omini- channel foundation.  I work with a broad spectrum of consumer brands that includes beauty, travel, men's grooming and luxury brands.

After a decade creating and steering Murdock London and CRU - both award-winning, market-leading brands, I am ultimately known as a visionary entrepreneur, an innovative, collaborative leader with expertise in creating challenger brands.

I recently launched my new brand anatome Chiltern Street, London are retailed at some of the finest stores, hotels and gyms of the world

Read more about Brendan's experience and background here


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