Visualization of Your Brand: 5 key Steps

Coming up with a fantastic idea for a business is often easier than one might think, but creating a meaning brand with longevity is much more challenging.

Recently I gave a talk to some future entrepreneurs, which was an opportunity for me to reflect on how I approached creating a brand and hopefully in turn I helped them to begin the process of visualizing their future brands.

There are many writings on this process so I tried to keep by setting out 5 key steps:

1. Think it

Use mental imagery to create a picture of how your ideal business scenario looks at some point in the near future – make it as clear as possible, imagine every aspect of your brand from the store interior through to the product design and logo.

2. Dream it

Step into your vision, and focus on how you see yourself fitting into the scene—both from a business and personal nature. What is your role, visionary, designer, who do you need around you to succeed.

3. Believe it

Start to consider what success looks and feels like – Looking at the picture, what scene conveys to you that your business is a success, what is the road map? Does your gut say you can do this? examine yourself with honestly!

4. Act it

Focus back on the present time, evaluate the gap between now and that future picture—how can that gap be reduced, how will you get to the vision, say and do it.

5. Achieve it

Be consistent and don't give up. Make your dream became reality every day.

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